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I'm Boti as most of my friends know me :) 

I was born and raised in Romania, to be specific in small town in Transylvania. - thats where my accent is from. Pretty much grew up on a bike, but never raced until about four years ago -  shortly after I joined Team Aguila. Most of what I know about XC racing I learned it form the team.

Besides biking I like to go hiking, mountaineering and just have some good time.

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Born in the country of the best coffee, Colombia

I have been a sportsman all my life. Since the age of six I participated in a lot of competitions. Starting in athletics, then in basketball, then in martial arts and now mountain biking. Winning many medals in each sport.

In 2005 we formed Team Aguila with Larry Pardieu . We started as a small team riding with our neighbors. We were riding every Saturday, starting between 5am and 6 am, to be able to fulfill our personal commitments.

My first race was on a trail...

I started mountain biking after years of encouragement from a close friend. He kept telling me "You'll love it!" He was right… what an amazing experience! I had been an Athlete all my life, mainly football, and track, but this mountain biking thing, it required intensity, courage, endurance, and a sense of adventure that I had never experienced before!


After two years of learning everything the hard way, me and my neighbor Diego Velasquez started riding together, and after months of riding...

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I was born the UK. Have lived in USA for about 7 years. 1 year in California and 6 in Texas. Used to ride bikes in England but i never really got into it until about a year ago. I decided i really liked mountain biking so i went out and bought a nice bike and signed up for my first race. While training for the first race i met Diego, a fellow mountain biker who just happend to live right by my house and was on a team. After a few rides with the team i soon became a member. I have now done quite a few races, ridden many trails and had a...

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Shortly after I was introduced to mountain biking in 2006 I met riders from Team Aguila. The thought of racing was quite intimidating to me as a beginner, but the consistent feedback during team rides made me a better rider and boosted my confidence in my skills. It was some time before I got the courage to sign up for a race, and since then I've taken numerous opportunities to push myself in a competitive environment. My preference is for longer races where I can test both my physical and mental skills alike.